The Rhythmatist (film)

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The Rhythmatist
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Directed by: Jean-Pierre Dutilleux
Produced by: Jean-Pierre Dutilleux
"Written" by: Stewart Copeland & Jean-Pierre Dutilleux
Starring: Stewart Copeland
Music by: Stewart Copeland
Edited by: Noel Oliver, Richard Shreiner, Yeu Ben Wee
Distributed by: A&M
Release date(s): 1985-MM-DD
Running time: 58 minutes
Country: USA
Language(s): English
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Plot summary

Stewart Copeland travels through Africa in search of the perfect rhythm.



The movie was improvised across Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Zaire, Congo) during June / July 1984.


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Video and DVD releases

Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
Stub.gif 1985-MM-DD Japan VideoDisc Language List of any special features


For information about Stewart Copeland's The Rhythmatist score/soundtrack, see The Rhythmatist (soundtrack).

Quotations and trivia

In VID magazine from October 1984 Stewart mentions that he intended to go to Africa for three weeks, but eventually stayed there for two months.

At the time of this interview he's thinking about "Talking Drums" as the title for this movie.

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