Sting And The Police (Sullivan 1984)

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Sting And The Police
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Author: Jim Sullivan
Country: USA
Language: English
Publisher: Publication International, Ltd.
Publication date: 1984
ISBN: ISBN 0-88176-228-8

ISBN 0-517-45863-2 (spiral binding)


This is a large book with 64 pages of mainly photos.

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There are two versions of this book with a different ISBN number. This one with the spiral binding (by Beekman House) doesn't include the large Sting photo which appears on the other version.

Sting And The Police 1984 spiral.jpg

There's also another 1985 version of this book: Sting And The Police. It's basically a shortened version (only 32 pages) by the same author.

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  • Sullivan, Jim. Sting And The Police. Skokie, IL: Publications International, 1984.