Secret Police Man (English)

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Secret Police Man
Author: Henry Padovani
Country: England, UK
Language: English
Publisher: Pen Press
Publication date: November 20, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-907172-83-0


This is the updated English translation of Secret Police Man. Written by original band member Henry Padovani it contains some great inside information and a lot of great photos! About a quarter of the 307 pages deal with The Police. The book features three new chapters, including one about the 2007 Stade de France concerts.

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The autographed book can be ordered on the internet for 15 UK pounds including a 5 track live CD with The Flying Padovanis at London's 100 Club (recorded on June 6, 2008).


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  • Padovani, Henry. Secret Police Man. xxx: Pen Press, 2009.