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Stubs are articles on the PoliceWiki which need more information. They may only have a template in place, or may be nothing more than a placeholder for an article which is planned to be written for the site at some point, but has not been written yet. You can check the discussion page for a stub article to see if someone has planned to write up that article yet or not.

How to create a stub page

You can create a stub page if you search for an article in the search box and it does not currently exist. First, however, please check that it doesn't exist under a different spelling or capitalization, and also check if it is a subject that falls under the PoliceWiki:Article notability guidelines.

If that is the case, then select "create this page", and insert the following template:


This will generate the following text in the new file:

Stub tag
This article is a stub. You can help the PoliceWiki by expanding it.

Also be sure to include the appropriate category or categories for your newly created stub.

How to edit a stub page

If you are tackling a page that is currently just a stub, please select that article (either from browing categories or search results), click on edit, and replace the {{Stub}} tag with the text you are adding to the article. Use of an appropriate template taken from Category:Article templates is recommended when adding your information to encourage a unity in how various articles of similar types appear.