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This DVD includes some Sting songs he performed at the Live 8 concert in London's Hyde Park on 2005-07-02.

"Live 8"
DVD cover
Artist: Sting
Directed by: DIRECTOR
Produced by: Jill Sinclair
Edited by: Nick Carroll
Filming location(s): London, England, UK - Hyde Park
Initial release date: 2005-MM-DD
Running time: 600:00
Label: EMI

Video summary

This DVD presents three of Sting's songs from the 2005-07-02 concert at Hyde Park in London, England, UK.


Almost 20 years after the Live Aid concert a similar concert event with performances in several countries took place on 2005-07-02. 1000 artists performed at 9 different concerts - broadcasts on TV were different in individual countries. This sort of "best of" 4 DVD set was released within the year with additional special DVDs available for the concerts in Paris, Berlin, Rome and Toronto.

Release history

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Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
Live 8 DVD.jpg 2005-MM-DD Germany DVD (codefree / PAL) English special features

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