Kim Turner

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Kim Turner
Basic information
Birth name: BIRTH NAME
Birth date: BIRTH DATE
Death date: 2003-05-12
Origin: ORIGIN
Occupation(s): Roadie, Drummer, Sound Engineer, Tour Manager
Associated acts: Andy Fraser Band, Cat Iron, The Police, Sting
Official website: OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Kim Turner was everything for The Police (and later Sting): roadie, driver, sound engineer, tour manager... he also played support for them once in 1983.


Kim Turner played drums in various bands before he began to work with The Police in 1978. He was driver, roadie and sound engineer for them and even supported them for one time (on 1983-10-10). He later worked in Sting's management until Sting ended the collaboration in 1998. Shortly before his death at age 46 Sting visited him again.

He can also be heard singing backing vocals on Stewart Copeland's and Brian James' first single.

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