Hamer Phantom A5

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Hamer Phantom A5
1983 05 Guitar World Hamer ad.jpg
The Hamer Phantom A5 in an ad in Guitar Player - May 1983
Artist: Andy Summers
Band or ensemble: The Police
Time gear used: 1982 - YYYY


It looks like Andy and Sting both received new Hamer instruments at the 1982-02-01 concert in Chicago, IL, USA.

At that concert Andy played a red Hamer Phantom A5 prototype with crown inlays (see ad photo). In an interview from March 1982 he mentioned he had problems with that guitar, so he gave it back for repairs.

On 1982-03-30 Andy Summers visited the Hamer factory in Arlington Heights, IL, USA. He was photographed with another red Hamer Phantom A5 guitars by Paul Natkin. It's got a different neck and totally different knob and switch positions.

On 1983-05-19 the Phantom with the crown inlays was used again for TV performances on Top Of The Pops and Razzmatazz.

In early 1984 Hamer delivered another prototype to Andy: a white Phantom A7 Guitar Synthesizer which interfaced with the Roland GR-700.

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