Hamer 8-string Fretless Standard Bass

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Hamer Prototype
1981 03 05 Bravo poster.jpg
the bass on a poster from 1981-03-05 Bravo magazine
the bass on the cover of 1982-05 Trouser Press
Artist: Sting
Band or ensemble: The Police
Time gear used: 1980 - 1981


Sting received this fretless bass on 1980-11-22 in Chicago, IL, USA.

It was featured in the official video for De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, which was shot only a few days afterwards.

He used it on a lot of the remaining 1980-1981 Zenyatta Mondatta Tour concerts.

It was also used for TV appearances lip-synching to Spirits In The Material World - like on 1981-12-10.

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