Ghost In The Machine (picture disc)

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Ghost In The Machine
Ghost picture disc.jpg
Studio album by The Police
Released: 2022-11-04
Recorded: June / July 1981
Length: xx:xx
Label(s): A&M
Producer(s): The Police & Hugh Padgham
Studio(s): AIR Studios, Montserrat

Le Studio, Quebec, Canada (demo keyboards)


For general information about the original album, see Ghost In The Machine (original album) entry.

This 2022 LP picture disc features a different running order (an alleged "original" track-listing) and also slightly different song versions.


Track listing

Side A:

Side B:

Quotations and trivia

This 2022 release includes Once Upon A Daydream, but leaves out Flexible Strategies and Love Lessons.

Once Upon A Daydream was recorded on Montserrat in 1981, so its appearance makes sense.

Flexible Strategies' omission seems strange, as it was a b-side in 1981 just like Shambelle and the style of that song indicates that it was certainly recorded after Zenyatta Mondatta (the Message In A Box: The Complete Recordings liner notes mention that it was recorded in Canada - probably August 1981 - as there was demand for a b-side).

The other Ghost-era b-side Low Life does not actually belong here, as it's a production from Reggatta de Blanc sessions.

Love Lessons was recorded during the Ghost... sessions, but probably abandoned at an early production stage.

Some songs from this 2022 release feature count-ins by Stewart Copeland that were not on the album's original 1981 release:

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