Frontier Booking International (F.B.I.)

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Frontier Booking International
Frontier Booking International logo - provided by Connie D. Walden
Frontier Booking International sweat shirt- provided by Connie D. Walden
Location: New York, MY, USA - 250 W. 57th St., Suite 603
Years in operation: 1979 - XXXX


After the Paragon Agency was forced to shut down in late July 1979 Ian Copeland founded Frontier Booking International (F.B.I.) in August 1979, with early clients being Magazine, Gang Of Four, The Cramps, Pere Ubu, Iggy Pop, Squeeze, The Police and Klark Kent (!) - and later also Sting and Courteney Cox.

Ian chose the name as his father was in the CIA, Stewart was in The Police and Miles had just founded I.R.S..

The agency's motto was "The F.B.I. knows!" and featured a close up of Ian's wife Connie D. Walden's nose in its logo.

The agency still exists but now mainly deals with actors.

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