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This DVD was sent out to members of Sting's fan club. It contains TV clips and scenes from soundchecks and concerts - including bits with The Police.

"From The Vault II"
booklet cover
the DVD
Artist: Sting, The Police
Directed by: John Jay Hebert
Produced by: John Jay Hebert
Edited by: Carl Asman
Filming location(s): Los Angeles, CA; George, WA ...
Initial release date: 2008-MM-DD
Running time: 19:45
Label: none

Video summary

The DVD comes within a 21x21 cm booklet with quotes by Sting, photos by fans & professional photographers and ticket reprints. The middle pages of this booklet are designed to store a fan's individual tickets.

You can hear The Police during the 2008-07-12 soundcheck and concert, but all you can see from Stewart and Andy are Stewart's soundcheck hat and a blink-and-you've-already-missed-him Andy.


The short DVD includes bits and pieces from 2004-2008 which were not used for other fan club / official DVDs. It was only distributed within the Sting fan club.

Release history

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Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
From The Vault II cover.jpg YYYY-MM-DD Country DVD (Region Code 0/NTSC) English Featurette (1:07), trailer (0:57)

Quotations and trivia

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