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Chicago 5/10/08

By: Indygirl
Event: May 10, 2008

Indygirl with the Flag.
Indygirl, zilboy, tamalynx & tamalynx jr.

My sister & I had a fun time at the meetup before the concert. Little did we know that we would be in attendance for the first time that Sting would be onstage with Elvis for a song during the tour.

Elvis puts a lot of energy into his set. You can tell he really enjoys what he does. It was nice to see Sting join him for "Alison". On to The Police.

It was interesting to watch the crowd as Sting started the chords for "Bring On The Night" because I could almost feel the place erupt as the crowd was excited to hear it. "Message In A Bottle" worked as the second song. I think it was a good location for the song in the set.

"Demolition Man" sounded very good. I was sorry to see "Synchronicity 2" left out because it's one of my favorites.

I saw Andy look to the side of the stage & nod once but I didn't hear any guitar issues if he was having any. Andy played magnificently. Andy & Stewart were feeding off of each other all evening.

I think Stewart's percussion playing added a lot to the concert & I really enjoyed it. He did a great job on the drums.

Sting didn't draw out the popular, "Walking back from yourrrrrr house" line from "Walking On The Moon". He was asking the crowd to help sing which was fine because the crowd was happy to join in. Sting did a good job fighting through it even if he wasn't feeling well.

Unfortunately, The Flag & Stewart didn't have a clear line of sight to each other for most of the night. There was an Andy, microphone & cymbals in the way. Also, the lights went out after almost every song. The Flag did happen to find it's way onto the video screen a few times. Even if he wasn't able to see the Flag in the dark, I have a feeling Stewart knew Copelandia was out there. In the middle of "Every Breath You Take", Stewart looked at me, smiled, pointed at the Flag which was down in front of me, & then jumped back into his drum part. Nice! He was animated with his pointing at the Flag after "Next To You" as he was walking over to take his bow. As he was pointing, he looked back at Sting as if to say, "Hey Sting, look, there's the Flag".

Susan & I literally almost ran into each other in the hallway after Elvis's set. We were able to talk for a little while before The Police took the stage.

I had fun at the meetup & was able to meet quite a few folks. It was nice to share a table with tamalynx & zilboy. The Flag was never in any danger from food or beverages. Thanks for posting the videos, tamalynx.

Thanks for The Flag opportunity, DM. The Flag survived its week long stay in Indianapolis with me or I survived The Flag's week long stay.

Thanks for a great concert, Stewart, and for The Flag points!

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