Dominic Miller

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Dominic Miller
Basic information
Birth name: Dominic James Miller
Birth date: May 21, 1960
Origin: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation(s): Musician
Associated acts: The Pretenders, Phil Collins, Paul Young, Sting
Official website:

Dominic Miller auditioned for Sting in 1990 and has been his guitarist ever since.


The Dominic Miller audition took place in New York, NY, USA - probably in March 1990. After a recommendation by Hugh Padgham he flew over and couldn't get his guitar to work, until someone turned up the volume on his guitar. Dominic thought that ruled him out as a guitarist. They started jamming with Ain't No Sunshine and played for a while. Sting offered him the job right afterwards.

Over the years he co-wrote several songs with Sting.

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