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  • on 2015-03-18 Andy mentioned that he saw Stewart last week and received an e-mail from Sting the very morning
  • Andy's plans (from an April 10 interview): to Cannes for the film next month, to Shanghai Film Festival, some gigs in China, - later this year a photograph show in Brazil and another one in Hong Kong in September
  • Sting concert with band in London - April 19 ? photo / video listing
  • Andy posts on facebook May 7: I'm heading to China; July 5 - back from China / good to be home = LA
  • Stewart is in England from at least July 5 to 12, probably a few days before (instagram photos)
  • around his days in San Antonio Stewart visits The Alamo - after SA he flies to Bali with Singapore Airlines (photo posted on Nov. 19) where he stays for about two weeks, probably working on some film project with Jason A. Carbone & Nick (Instagram photos) --- should have been between Nov. 14 (2nd D'Drum performance in San Antonio) and November 28 (return photo to LA posted)

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