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  • Sting and his family spend the new year in Beirut, from there they'll visit Damascus, Syria and meet Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma al-Assad (Sting: Message In A Book / photos online)
  • Andy Summers and photographer Lawrence Impey visited Peru and Bolivia in January 2009. They stayed at the Inkaterra hotel in Chusco to see Macchu Picchu and the Titicaca Lake before heading to Bolivia (Potosi, La Paz)

this was probably around Jan. 15 (first mentioned Jan. 20, then on Feb 5 it was 3 weeks ago...)

  • Andy also visited Fez, Morocco (photo caption)
  • Stewart was in Istanbul recording eastern music for Ben Hur Live at ITU MIAM Studios where he was also interviewed for Martin at the Crossroads during a break (broadcast July 31)

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