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  • March 2003 - recording and mixing in Paris (60 minutes)
  • May 2003 - rehearsing in Malibu (60 minutes)
  • mid-September 2003 London / Lake House (60 minutes)
  • Craig David / Sting video Rise & Fall might have been shot in London in June 2003 by Max (Giwa) and Dania (Pasquini) - might be airdate...
  • in early September Sting was at Lake House rehearsing / auditioning with musicians (Keith Carlock in 2003-2005 Sacred Love Tour program - Keith was there a few days between September 1 and September 9 as this was a break in his tour with Steely Dan in the States)

Sting in Malibu on Sept. 6 and flying from the States to England might mean that these auditions were more or less between Sept. 2-5

  • the November 1 date is probably completely false. Sting was in Japan at the Universal Japan Conference where he appeared with Hayley Westenra, Busted and Lene (from Aqua).
  • Stewart may have played at the Mars Gold Modern Drummer golf outing at the Malibu Country Club that year...

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