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  • Italian magazine clipping with paparazzi photos mentions April (and Sting being 49) for bathing photos at his Figline Valdarno residence --- so maybe he was there between US and Arabian activities
  • Yoga magazine from May mentions 35 contest winners that were given a yoga lesson by Sting at the Los Angeles Center for Yoga - with Gunga White and Tracey Rich
  • Andy Black Potatoe Music Festival JULY 2001 ---- on a Saturday, but which one [1] ??

evtl. signed poster Products | Black Potatoe The 5th Annual Black Potatoe Music Festival - 2001 - Poster signed by Andy Summers (of the Police), Tony Levin and many others. $159.99 $139.99.

  • due to 9/11 Sting's birthday celebrations in Morocco and a few concerts around that date were cancelled - it looks however as if Sting didn't cancel his holidays in Morocco, as there's a photo of him with Bruce Springsteen from that time

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