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  • Outlandos mini-bulletin January / February 1987 : in America again after an over Christmas stay, during those weeks (!) with Eric Clapton on stage at 1987-01-08 ---- in my eyes that means he stayed over Christmas and then at least until January 8 ---- NY is proven for 1987-01-14 -----
  • that mini-bulletin with its January 28 publication date mentions that Stewart is also in the USA (Sting had moved on to Japan as I know but the bulletin doesn't mention) to film his Equalizer part -- Jan 28 is the birthday of his son Scott
  • the same mini-bulletin mentions that Andy is also in the US !!

+ SC wins Archie David Cup: Yes, the Archie David Cup. That's the most sought-after low-goal cup in the English scene. The reason why it's so sought after—even more than medium- and high-goal cups—is because every team in the country is after it. The high-goal scene is a rarified world populated by gazillionaires, so there's only four or five teams that compete. Winning the low-goal cup means you've beaten everybody. We played in front of Her Majesty and beat her son Chuck in the semi-final, and then we went on to win the cup in second overtime on a rainy day. It was murder. Everybody was spent, including the horses. In fact, I think a horse finally kicked the ball in. [Laughs] --- SC bragged about winning an important tournament mid-April 1987( Sandwell Evening Mail - Saturday 11 April 1987 )

  • stereoplay October 1987 - Andy rehearsed in North London next to Motörhead - probably in June / July 1987
  • Music Maker August 1987 - Andy is interviewed and photographed in Amsterdam's Sonesta hotel - around 4pm he's brought to Schiphol airport - it seems he already has his Roger Giffin Strat already - so this might have been right after the Rome interview
  • Chitarre October 1987 - with Andy interview and photos from Rome June (?) 1987: the interview was made in an Hotel in Rome and the photoshoot was made in the same Hotel... unfotunately there's no mention about Hotel's name.

Andy says that the guitar for the photo session is a new one, the journalist say in italian "nuovissima"... it mean "more than new"... it seems he got it the same day of the interview... or maybe some days before... it's a Roger Giggin's guitar... the journalist wrote "'s a guitar that he will test in the american tour..."

Andy was in Italy to promote XYZ, the journalist asks: "...from today your solo album is in stores... who's Andy Summers?"

Andy: "I'm trying to find, maybe I will find the answer in Cleveland within a month" Journalist: "what do you mean?" Andy: "...when I will be in the middle of american tour... maybe I will realize who I am..."

  • Sting spends 3 months in New York writing songs for ...Nothing Like The Sun (should be February/March/April 24) (various interviews) - maybe backstage at Crowded House / Suzanne Vega concerts --- in this time period Lou Salvatori shoots the photos for Englishman 7" at TImes Square on a Sunday morning (prob. late March / April due to hair) :

"The photo was taken in Times Square NYC in 1987 but I don't remember the month. What I do remember is that the photo was taken very early - 7:00 am on a Sunday morning to avoid people. After the shoot we went and had breakfast at Moondance on 7th avenue - photo attached."

  • music award in February... pics in Japanese magazines
  • May 1 - Hamburg - May 11 - started recording "Nothing..." ---in between must have been the New York performance / recording with Gil Evans : Newcastle Evening Chronicle - Thursday 14 May 1987 says Gil teamed up with Sting only last week at the Sweet Basil Jazz Club in New York, where Gil and his orchestra generally play every Monday night. Gil: Sting did a couple of shows with us, then we recorded the two Hendrix songs Little Wing and Up From The Skies
  • shortly after Dusting Hoffman's birthday (August 8) Sting and Dustin met at Malibu beach - as reported in Aspel a year later...

they also saw each other the day after

  • Sting shot the video for Be Still My Beating Heart in California in August 1987 - on the rugged Sonoma coast of northern California at various locations along Highway 1 (high above the Pacific Ocean atop the rocky cliffs and along the backroads of rural Sonoma county) - city locations were filmed in the old industrial section of downtown Los Angeles along the Spring street bridge. source: Candace Reckinger
  • he did the video shoot for We'll Be Together in the 2nd half of September (Pulse November 1987 / interview from the last week of September says "last week")
  • after the Saturday Night Live show (1987-10-17) Sting went to England for personal matters (Do Stand So Close) - he then stayed in Malibu for a few days and returned to New York for a week of rehearsals before flying to Brazil (Outlandos newsletter - December 1987). During his Malibu days he was involved in a traffic accident with a hired BMW on his way to a press interview in a motel (Rock Express - March 1988). The accident happened while it was raining heavily - should have been 1987-10-23 then.
  • Do Stand So Close mentions 6 weeks at SIR Studios - about 4 from Sept 27 - Oct 16/17, then after at least a two week break two more weeks before the Ritz show ...

  • On October 25 the New York Times printed a promo photo for A Very Special Christmas - taken by Ken Regan in Manhattan - the photo shows Springsteen, U2, Annie Lennox, Jimmy Iovine, Run DMC, John Cougar Mellencamp and Sting - probably taken shortly before this print date

U2 were in New York on September 28 and 29 - with a little time on both ends

The fact that Stevie Nicks was NOT there may be a hint that she was on tour with Fleetwood Mac - from September 30 onwards

The fact that Whitney Houston was NOT there may be a hint that she was on tour - in California at the end of September and beginning of October

The fact that Bon Jovi were NOT there may be a hint that they were on tour - Australia and Japan in September 1987 and ending in Honolulu on October 17

  • Before the South American tour Sting recorded Spanish versions of his songs in a Manhattan studio (Billboard - December 5, 1987).
  • Stewart watched Wagner's "Tristan & Isolde" by David Hockney in Los Angeles - which premiered on December 6, 1987 (LA Times interview Feb. 2013)
  • Wall Street premiere - either December 5 (shutterstock) or 6 (gettyimages) at Gotham Theater in New York
  • December : Andy moves to Los Angeles (East Coast Rocker - October 5, 1988)

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