2019-03-23 (Stewart Copeland)

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Performance summary
Artist performing: Stewart Copeland
Tour: 2019 Stewart Copeland Lights Up The Orchestra Tour
Venue: Stahlwerk
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Support acts: none
Ticket prices: 48,35 - 91,25 Euro

On 2019-03-23, Stewart Copeland performed at the Stahlwerk in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Recording information

The performance was filmed by the people running Stewart's offical website.

There's also an audio recording of the whole concert.


The concert started at 8:00PM and was played in two blocks. The order of these blocks had switched since the previous Potsdam performance. Miss Gradenko stayed as the encore.

There was a meet & greet on an upper floor of the venue around 10:30PM. Stewart left the venue around 11:15PM.

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