2018-06-23 (Stewart Copeland)

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Stewart is filmed performing with Liliac for a BBC documentary
a photo from today - copyright Florin Cristea
a photo from today - copyright Florin Cristea
Date: 2018-06-23
Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA
Attendees: Stewart Copeland, Liliac, Florin Cristea

At 10:30am Stewart Copeland performs several songs (on guitar and on drums) with Liliac near the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA, USA.

The event is filmed by a BBC crew who are shooting a documentary about Stewart to be broadcast in September.

Detailed information by Liliac's manager (and father) Florin Cristea:

Nicky Lessware contacted Liliac's manager Florin Cristea about a month ago that they wanted to film the band playing on the Santa Monica pier. Two weeks ago they gave him information saying that they were from the BBC and they were shooting a documentary about the history of drumming and drummers which is hosted by Stewart Copeland from the band The Police. Nicky also mentioned that Stewart has seen Liliac perform many times and secretly video taped them with his phone - and that he really likes the band’s energy and music. In fact Stewart asked Nicky that he really wanted Liliac to be included in the BBC documentary.

Stewart wanted to play "Enter Sandman" with Liliac - with him on guitar. Nicky asked Florin to bring an extra guitar and amp for Stewart. Today at 9:00am BBC set up their cameras and filmed the band playing to get good footage of the band. Around 10:30am Stewart showed up in the crowd with a very high energy jump -he then danced while listening to Liliac perform. The band's lead guitarist Samuel invited Stewart to come and play along with the band. Florin set up the guitar and amp for Stewart who told him that he just learned the guitar part that morning and is amazed by the riff and that he now understands why the young kids love Metallica.

After playing "Enter Sandman", many people gathered around to watch Liliac perform with Stewart Copeland, recognizing him being the drummer from The Police. Floren asked Stewart to play a drum solo, but as he got on the drums he preferred to play them on one of Liliac’s original songs. Melody, the lead singer, wanted to perform their new original song "Not Afraid" which will be released next month with a music video. Florin instructed Stewart that the song has got a shuffle drum groove. When Liliac started playing, Stewart joined with the perfect shuffle beat which carried the song. The crowd really got into it. After the show ended, Liliac got the chance to get to know Stewart and take pictures with him. He autographed Abigail’s snare drum. He was also mentoring the band about music and band playing. He is proud of Liliac being a young band who plays their instruments Live and they are not like many other popular artists today who just press the play button on electronic drums.

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