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Stewart is filming on Bali
a photo from the Skype call - copyright Paola Attolino
Date: 2015-11-25
Location: Bali -> Salerno, Italy
Attendees: Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland is filming on Bali.

The one hour TV special Island Fever would air on the Travel Channel on 2016-07-09.

Today Stewart is also giving a lecture at a conference about Edgar Allan Poe at the University of Salerno, Italy. He's connected via Skype and talks about his Edgar Allan Poe related work The Tell Tale Heart.

(his lecture took place at 6:00PM Italian time, which means that for Stewart it was midnight - so most of this actually took place on 2015-11-26)

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source: Jeff Seitz, Paola Attolino / sc.net

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