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Performance summary
Artist performing: Stewart Copeland
Tour: ---
Venue: Trustees Theater
Location: Savannah, GA, USA
Support acts: None
Ticket prices: US$ 15,00 - 45,00

On 2008-03-26, Stewart Copeland performed a program of original compositions at the Trustees Theater as part of the Savannah Music Festival. "Celeste," a composition for violin, piano, and drums, premiered with Daniel Hope on violin, Sebastian Knauer on piano, and Stewart Copeland on drums.


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excerpts from Joseph Patrick Moore's blog:

Halfway through the concert, Stewart brought out another amazing talent, Daniel Hope. Stewart wrote a trio composition for one of his daughters that featured drums, violin, piano. During this moment of the concert, I took a seat to bare witness of this premiere work. It was astonishing! Daniel Hope tore it up and his intonation and tone was impeccable. While I didn’t play with Daniel, we chatted a bit backstage. Daniel is also a very nice chap with an amazing aura around him. Daniel might be one of the best violinists I’ve ever heard, a true madman I say!

Not to go un-noticed, the musical ensemble for this event was an amazing group of musicians/artists.

The group consisted of:

  • Ted Nash -reeds
  • Victor Goines – reeds
  • Walter Blanding – reeds
  • Carl Maraghi – reeds
  • Marcus Printup – trumpet
  • David Elliot – trombone
  • Ricardo Ochoa – violin
  • Gretchen Frazier – viola
  • Annalise Nelson – cello
  • Hans Kristian Kjos Sorensen – percussion
  • Kirk Brundage – percussion
  • Stuart Gerber – percussion
  • Eric Jones – piano
  • Andy Ripley – ewi
  • Mike Daly – french horn

In addition to the genuinely warm spirit of Stewart and the musical ensemble, he had a wonderful crew of people that worked on his behalf. From his manager, tour manager, production team, festival organizers; it was a top shelf entourage. Stewart’s drum tech/engineer Jeff Seitz was also a great asset (and talented drummer). Jeff has been with Stewart for 25 + years which not only speaks volumes of his abilities and the people Stewart surrounds himself with, it also says everything about the true meaning of loyalty from Mr. Copeland. In fact, Jeff can be seen in the recently released S.C./Police documentary, Everyone Stares.

Conclusion: a high profile musical friend/artist once told me not to play with my musical heroes as they might end up disappointing me (he was speaking from experience). Well in my case, nothing could be further from the truth. Stewart is an amazing artist, a terrific human being and I was honored to be apart of this musical experience!

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