1997-09-14 (Stewart Copeland)

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Stewart composes songs at Château Marouatte in France
a photo from today - copyright Denny Scott
a photo from today - copyright Denny Scott
Date: 1997-09-14
Location: Grand-Brassac, France - Château Marouatte
Attendees: Stewart Copeland, Miles Copeland, Jim Vallance, Howard Jones, Belinda Carlisle, Jane Wiedlin, Peter Murphy, Sovory, Pat MacDonald, Greg Wells, Kris McKay, Bijou Phillips, Sheppard Solomon, Barbara Vanderlin, Karen Ahmed, Maia Sharp, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Hawk Wolinski, Paul Brady, Bill Deasy, Dave Bassett, Kenny Scott, Denny Scott, Chesney Hawkes

Stewart Copeland is writing and recording songs with other musicians at Miles Copeland's Château Marouatte in France.

23 songwriters attended this event which took place twice a year and went on for about 8 days each time.

The musicians worked in teams and were supposed to write and record a song each day.

Stewart Copeland wrote a song with Jim Vallance and Sovory called I Can't Stop which was never released.

He also worked on a song with Pat MacDonald and Greg Wells [1]. Kris McKay provided vocals on that song.

He played drums for a track by Kris McKay, Greg Wells and Daphne Rubin-Vega.

If Stewart kept the same schedule as Jim Vallance (which is probable) then he was (at least) present at the Château Marouatte from 1997-09-06 until 1997-09-14. Jim Vallance arrived on 1997-09-05 and left on 1997-09-16.

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