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[[1994-03-30 | <== previous entry]]
[[1994-03-30| <== previous entry]]
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!  colspan="2" | <big>1994 Easter Opera Season on Barbados continues</big>
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|  colspan="2" align="center" | [[Image:Stub.gif|thumb|center|Photo or image related to event]]
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| <b>Date:</b>
| [[1994-03-31]]
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| <b>Location:</b>
| St. James, Barbados - Holders House
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| <b>Attendees:</b>
| [[Stewart Copeland]]
[[1994-03-20]] was the first day of the [[1994]] Easter Opera Season at Holders House (St. James on Barbados). This event started with a polo tournament between the USA and Great Britain (to be continued on [[1994-03-23]] and [[1994-03-27]]).
The final show of the [[1994]] Easter Opera Season (with "two weeks of opera, Shakespeare and polo") would be the premiere of [[Stewart Copeland]]'s short opera [[The Cask of Amontillado]] (based on an Edgar Allan Poe story) on [[1994-04-02]].
It's a safe guess that Stewart was present during this time period to either work on the presentation of his opera or play polo.
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* [http://www.caribtravelnews.com/c0394_01.htm Caribtravelnews.com with news from March 1994]
* [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWlMqKijXk4&list=TLyKEqJ5Xw0Zc dress rehearsal filmed by Lol Creme]
source: Caribbean Today, February 28; [[1994]]  
''1994-03-31'' can refer to:
* [[1994-03-31 (Sting)]], [[Sting]] attends book party in New York, NY, USA
* [[1994-03-31 (Stewart Copeland)]], Stewart is on Barbados
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[[1994-04-01 | next entry ==>]]

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