1994-03-26 (Stewart Copeland)

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1994 Easter Opera Season on Barbados continues
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Date: 1994-03-26
Location: St. James, Barbados - Holders House
Attendees: Stewart Copeland

1994-03-20 was the first day of the 1994 Easter Opera Season at Holders House (St. James on Barbados). This event started with a polo tournament between the USA and Great Britain (to be continued on 1994-03-23 and 1994-03-27).

The final show of the 1994 Easter Opera Season (with "two weeks of opera, Shakespeare and polo") would be the premiere of Stewart Copeland's short opera The Cask of Amontillado (based on an Edgar Allan Poe story) on 1994-04-02.

It's a safe guess that Stewart was present during this time period to either work on the presentation of his opera or play polo.

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source: Caribbean Today, February 28; 1994

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