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Sting probably flew from London to New York
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Date: 1992-04-10
Location: London, England, UK -> New York, NY, USA
Attendees: Sting

In the past few days Sting was working on the lyrics for It's Probably Me at Lake House.

Eric Clapton and Michael Kamen had previously recorded the demo at London's Sarm West Studios in late March 1992.

On April 6 Clapton and Kamen decided to ask Sting for a contribution to the song. Sting received the demo at his farmhouse in Wiltshire, England, UK. After a few days he came up with some lyrics and a new bridge for the song.

Sting flew from London to New York and arrived at BMG Studios on Sixth Avenue at 8:30am on 1992-04-11. The recording session would last for three days.

So he probably flew to New York today - or very early on 1992-04-11 (the time difference would have allowed him to still be on time, but tired).

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source: Billboard - June 20, 1992

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