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Sting is at Lake House
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Date: 1992-04-08
Location: Wiltshire, England, UK - Lake House
Attendees: Sting

Today Sting should have been at Lake House - working on the lyrics for It's Probably Me.

Eric Clapton and Michael Kamen had previously recorded the demo at London's Sarm West Studios in late March 1992.

On April 6 Clapton and Kamen decided to ask Sting for a contribution to the song. Sting received the demo at his farmhouse in Wiltshire, England, UK. After a few days he came up with some lyrics and a new bridge for the song.

Sting flew from London to New York and arrived at BMG Studios on Sixth Avenue at 8:30am on 1992-04-11. The recording session would last for three days.

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source: Billboard - June 20, 1992