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Sting holds a press conference in Buenos Aires
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Date: 1987-12-10
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina - Sheraton Hotel
Attendees: Sting

Sting arrives in Buenos Aires at 1:30pm with an entourage of 35 people and 29 tons of equipment. He checks in at the Sheraton Hotel where he'll stay at the Suite Gobernador on the 23rd floor. He immediately goes to the pool and stays there from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. He has a banana smoothie, followed by a hamburger and cold beer in his room.

Sting holds a press conference for 150 reporters at the Sheraton Hotel. He's introduced to members of the "Madres de Plaza de Mayo" at the press conference.

In the evening Sting goes to Mariskos restaurant in the Calle Cerviño and eats some fish.

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source: Rogier van der Gugten (press conference), Gente Extra - December 1987 (everything else)

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