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Sting may have travelled to Amsterdam / or San Remo
Photo or image related to event
Date: 1986-02-12
Location: Bordeaux, France -> Paris, France -> Rotterdam, The Netherlands -> Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Attendees: Sting

According to a tour itinerary this was today's schedule:

At 3:40 Sting and his band took flight IT5414 from Bordeaux to Paris Orly, where they landed at 4:40pm. At 6:50pm they took connecting flight DG163 from Paris Orly to Rotterdam, where they landed at 7:55pm. From there they probably took a bus to Amsterdam, where they stayed at the Sonesta Hotel.

BUT: as Sting performed at the San Remo festival on 1986-02-13 he probably travelled there today.

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source: tour itinerary

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