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Andy is in Bournemouth
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Date: 1984-03-18
Location: Bournemouth, England, UK
Attendees: Andy Summers

Andy Summers is in Bournemouth, England, UK.

In an interview in 1984-05 One Two Testing he's in a restaurant with journalist Paul Colbert. It's mentioned that Andy returned to Bournemouth "yesterday" and would be at Arny's Shack in a couple of hours preparing for the second album with Robert Fripp.

The interview might be from 1984-03-19 (when according to several sources the two guitarists met to start recording), which would mean that Andy came to Bournemouth today.

There's also the possibility that the interview was done today (meaning Andy returned on 1984-03-17) with Andy preparing for a second album a few hours later, but not actually start recording. In any case - he was in Bournemouth today.

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source: 1984-05 One Two Testing

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