1984-03-17 (Andy Summers)

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Andy is either in London or Bournemouth
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Date: 1984-03-17
Location: London / Bournemouth, England, UK
Attendees: Andy Summers

Andy Summers is either in London or Bournemouth, England, UK.

Outlandos mini-bulletin from March 1984 (written in mid-March) mentions that Andy spent a few days in London before heading to Bournemouth.

In an interview in 1984-05 One Two Testing he's in a Bournemouth restaurant with journalist Paul Colbert. It's mentioned that Andy returned to Bournemouth "yesterday" and would be at Arny's Shack in a couple of hours preparing for the second album with Robert Fripp.

The interview might be from 1984-03-19 (when according to several sources the two guitarists met to start recording), which would mean that Andy came to Bournemouth on 1984-03-18. This would mean that he was still in London today.

There's also the possibility that the interview was done on 1984-03-18 (meaning Andy returned to Bournemouth today) with Andy then preparing for a second album, but not actually start recording.

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source: 1984-05 One Two Testing, Outlandos mini-bulletin March 1984

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