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=Quotes and noteworthy content=
=Quotes and noteworthy content=
[[Image:1982_04_Creem_01.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_02.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_03.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_04.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_05.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_06.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_07.jpg|130px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_08.jpg|90px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_09.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_10.jpg|40px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_11.jpg|150px]]
[[Image:1982_04_Creem_01.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_02.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_03.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_04.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_05.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_06.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_07.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_08.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_09.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1982_04_Creem_10.jpg|80px]]
=External links=
=External links=

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Article title: Demolition Man In The Machine: Every Thing The Police Do Is Magic!
Artist or band featured: The Police
Year: 1981
Month: April
Country (or countries) of publication: USA
Language(s): English
Author/interviewer: Chris Salewicz
Length of feature: 7 pages + cover + small bits

In April 1981, The Police were featured in Creem.


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Quotes and noteworthy content

1982 04 Creem 01.jpg 1982 04 Creem 02.jpg 1982 04 Creem 03.jpg 1982 04 Creem 04.jpg 1982 04 Creem 05.jpg 1982 04 Creem 06.jpg 1982 04 Creem 07.jpg 1982 04 Creem 08.jpg 1982 04 Creem 09.jpg 1982 04 Creem 10.jpg

External links

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