1981-12-14 (The Police)

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Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1981-1982 Ghost in the Machine Tour
Venue: Wembley Arena
Location: London, England, UK
Support acts: Jools Holland & his Millionaires
Ticket prices: UK pounds: 5,00

On 1981-12-14, The Police performed at Wembley Arena in London, England, UK.


The setlist is taken from a review in Outlandos newsletter from March 1982. Voices Inside My Head is not mentioned in the review.

Recording information

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Sting got up at 6:00am to work on Brimstone & Treacle.

Bring On The Night moved forward in the setlist.

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sources: Outlandos newsletter - March 1982, Record Mirror - December 19, 1981 (not mentioning the date of the concert - but it's a safe guess that they reviewed the first of the Wembley Arena gigs - especially as the publication date is very close...), Nationwide interview with Sue Cook

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