1981-05-20 (Sting)

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Sting travels from Paris to London where he receives an Ivor Novello Award
a photo from today on the cover of RITZ magazine
Date: 1981-05-20
Location: London, England, UK - Grosvenor House
Attendees: Sting

After spending more than a week in Paris to record demos for The Police's forthcoming LP Sting returns to London in the morning. He's interviewed and photographed for RITZ magazine later. At the Grosvenor House he receives an Ivor Novello Award.

Sting met the journalist from RITZ magazine at photographer David Bailey's studio at 6:15pm. Sting drove back to his Hampstead home in his green Golf GTI (that's a Rabbit for US fans), followed by the journalist.

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sources: Record Mirror - May 30, 1981; Police File No. 15; RITZ June (?) 1981

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