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1980 10 15 after show Detlef Kinsler.jpg
a photo taken after the concert - copyright Detlef Kinsler
1980 10 15 ticket Dietmar.jpg
a ticket for this concert
1980 Germany Organisation pass.jpg
a backstage pass for The Police's 1980 German concerts
1980 10 14 and 15 Photos poster Dietmar.jpg
the support act's own poster for this and yesterday's concert
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1980-1981 Zenyatta Mondatta Tour
Venue: Rhein-Main-Halle
Location: Wiesbaden, Germany
Support acts: The Photos
Ticket prices: 20,00 - 23,00 DM

On 1980-10-15, The Police performed at the Rhein-Main-Halle in Wiesbaden, Germany.


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Johnny B. Goode was played at today's soundcheck.

After the concert Sting and Stewart Copeland went into a cellar bar in Wiesbaden's entertainment district together with support act "The Photos" and photographer Detlef Kinsler, while Andy Summers chose to be driven to their hotel in Frankfurt.

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sources: ticket, Police File No. 7, The Photos poster, Music Life - January 1981, Detlef Kinsler

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