1978-04-06 (The Police)

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The Police rehearse at "Sounds Alright"
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Date: 1978-04-06
Location: London, England, UK - Sounds Alright / Music Machine
Attendees: The Police

Stewart Copeland leaves the house at 01:00pm. He drives to Andy Summers' place to collect the band's gear. The Police rehearse at "Sounds Alright" from 02:00pm to 06:00pm. After a dinner at home Stewart drives to St. John's Wood. Stewart goes to the Music Machine to watch two bands: Wayne County & The Electric Chairs + Levi & the Rockats. The DJ at the Music Machine had The Police's single Roxanne in its sleeve (it was released today) and played it. Stewart took the single back home.

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sources: Stewart Copeland's diaries

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