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1977 06 09 Music Machine ad NME.jpg
an ad for this concert in NME - June 11, 1977
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Boys
Tour: 1977-1978 Pre-Outlandos performances
Venue: Music Machine
Location: London, England, UK
Support acts: The Police, The Table
Ticket prices: 1,50 UK pounds

On 1977-06-09, The Police performed at the Music Machine in London, England, UK.


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Stewart Copeland collects The Police's gear with Harry at Sting's place and St. John's Wood. The Police play well, but Stewart has drum problems. The band get 50 UK pounds for the concert.

Bob Geldof and about 15-20 more people are in the audience.

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sources: Stewart Copeland's diaries; ads in UK magazines list Chelsea, The Boys and The Table; NME's review from June 25, 1977 is about The Table and The Police only - barely mentioning The Boys; Sting: The Secret Life Of Gordon Sumner p 62 about the Bob Geldof detail (he mentions seeing a three-piece Police at the Music Machine...)

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