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This DVD presents Sting's a documentary and the performance on 2001-09-11 at Il Palagio.

"...All This Time"
DVD cover
Artist: Sting
Directed by: Jim Gable
Produced by: Caroline Pham, Richard Frankel
Edited by: Scott C. Wilson
Filming location(s): Figline Valdarno, Italy - Il Palagio
Initial release date: 2001-12-03 (UK)

2001-12-04 (USA)

Running time: 70:32 (documentary)

73:38 (concert)

Label: A&M

Video summary

This DVD documentary is about Sting and his band's rehearsals starting on 2001-09-02 / re-recording Fragile, the dress rehearsal on 2001-09-10 and the immediate reactions to 9/11.

The concert footage from 2001-09-11 includes:

bonus songs:


Rehearsals started on 2001-09-02. Sting and his band tested the songs at Il Palagio on a dress rehearsal on 2001-09-10. After the events of 9/11 Sting was not sure if he should perform at all.

The band:

Release history

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Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
All This Time DVD.jpg 2001-MM-DD Germany DVD (codefree / PAL) English bonus songs, "hidden" rehearsal performances

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